TSP is mechanically crushed calcite, natural limestone, chalk and prepared, can be seen from the current domestic production line of TSP and PCC relative to production this TSP energy saving benefits and reducing emissions of short unique process, less pollution. With improved production technology TSP, TSP doped light products, can achieve energy savings, reduce energy consumption and "three wastes" discharge, particle size and improve products, increase the whiteness of the product, reduce oil absorption value products, so that in the application for the plastics industry can reduce the amount of plasticizer, possible to meet the needs of users. In comparison, increased TSP companies to achieve industrial scale and the fine, used in the production of TSP is essentially a high efficient and energy saving large equipment and advanced technology. However in China began in the treatment of the powder finish, low starting point, the heavy industry of Chinese enterprises small scale, low degree of the scale, and most products are trimming the shortage refined products can only rely on imports, with the support of vertical roller mill and technology back, generally still use vertical roller mill, milling machine of the air flow, a vibration and a grinder other equipment back, many companies in the extended mode of production, the dust pollution in the production of a serious problem. GCC companies in China have a lot of room for improvement in technology and equipment, energy saving and environmental protection, emission reduction energy savings.